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Physical copy still missing

I upgraded to a physical copy and from what I understand we’re supposed to get a tracking email. I haven’t gotten that or the game yet and there have been no response after two e-mails to Airship and one to THQ.

Hey @guitarguy_93!
Really sorry about this; I believe we have a third party company handling our physical reward fulfillment and they’re emailing out in waves.

Are you emailing They’re generally good about responding quickly. If so, please double check your spam folder to make sure the replies are not there.

If you’re still having trouble, let us know and we’ll look into it.

I have the same problem as @guitarguy_93. Could you please tell me when I will receive my physical copy or at least tell me how i can get reimbursed?

You probably just have to be patient. No one knows the exact date you’ll get it. It looks like they are doing the US in waves first since some US backers got their copies recently. If you live further away like Europe you’ll probably just have to wait a few more weeks with all the shipping time.

I’ve seen pics of people getting the game who live in the same country.

I 've tried once through the website and once from my e-mail account and yes, I’ve checked the spam folder.