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Physical Copies

@strangelove I know that you all hoped that us backers would get our physical copies on 10/3, but that it rested on THQ Nordic to make it happen. I think there were some expected delays, but it’s been 4 days with no updates. I love playing the game on Steam and I love the fact that I could continue from where I left off in beta, but I want to stream from the beginning and if I’m going to start over, I want it to be on my nice big TV. :slight_smile:

Is there any update you can give us on when we can expect these or how to get in touch with THQ Nordic about this?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Where did you get your steam code? I backed for a physical PS4 copy and played a bit of the beta, but don’t see anything about how I can play on Steam until my physical copy arrives :frowning:

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Here’s a copy + paste from the Kickstarter email they sent. Let me know if you still can’t find it and I’ll try to remember how I got mine. LOL

Choosing Your Key

Monday we’ll flip the switch on FINAL platform selection on When you visit your inventory you’ll see a Game Code Choice item that can be used to visit the page where you lock-in your game code.

On Tuesday when you visit your inventory, backers who want Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or codes will see their codes! Redemption instructions will be included if you’re unsure how to redeem a digital code.

Physical Backer Items
As soon as the game is out the door, we’ll shift gears to the other physical backer items like shirts, maps and the like. Look for an update once the launch dust has settled.

Physical Game Upgrades
Our publisher, THQNordic, is handling the fulfillment of these. Because we’re unsure they’ll reach those who upgraded in time, all physical backers got a bonus key with their order. You can select any platform other than Switch with this bonus key.

If you are waiting for a Switch physical copy, you can also opt for one of the other platforms now to play the game immediately.

We’ll send out a separate update to these individuals once we know THQNordic has shipped the physical copies.

Let me know if you get it worked out!


Urgh I still can’t get it to work. There’s a code in my account, but when I put it in Steam, I’m told it’s invalid. It’s too many digits for a PS4 store code. Unsure where else to get a code or to enter a code…

Can you clarify how it works?
I THOUGHT that all physical backers get a Steam code regardless of platform, though it would make more sense if everyone got a code for the platform for which they ordered a physical copy… So that you continue playing when the physical arrives.

Would love to start playing this weekend since it’s a long weekend in Canada, but I am so lost D:

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Nevermind! I figured it out and got a PS4 code!
If anyone else struggles with them hopefully I can help out too! It was suuuper unclear how it works…

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yeah I think a lot of us would really appreciate an update on our physical copies… :disappointed:

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I am fine with the physical copies coming late. Heck, I was pretty much expecting it. Still, I assumed we would have gotten a shipping confirmation or something of the sort by now. What’s the hold up? @strangelove or @AirshipSupport you gents got any info for us?

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I would also like to know what’s the updates? Hopefully they’ll get back soon because even just answering could help get us in the know.

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I’m just nervous because I’m moving in about a month and I’d like to hope that this gets fulfilled within that time frame. Sure, I’m going to forward my address to my local post office, but I’d like to hope that I can get my copy in the mail before all this.

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@DeathProphet Totally agree. Any kind of answer is better than silence. Just knowing that someone is looking into it would be nice.

@Bretto_83 Yeesh! I hope so too! It would be better to have it in-hand when you move than worried it won’t show up!

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Does anyone know if the physical PS4 disc is an actual disc or just a PSN key in the box?
I’m tempted to use my digital code on PS4 but if the disc works as a stand alone there will be no point :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, @ElderlyGoose! Based on everything I’ve read in the backer emails and stuff, it sounds like it’ll be a physical disc. I can’t imagine paying a $10 upgrade just to get a code in a box.

What I did while I’m waiting was use the code for Steam. I’d prefer to play on my big ol’ TV (and have been waiting to stream it to do so), but the game is good enough I want to play it now. I don’t mind starting over. :slight_smile:

It’s an actual disc. My sister ordered directly from Amazon; something I am really starting to regret not doing myself. Come on, Airship staff, tell us anything!

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I couldn’t agree more. This is ridiculous. We have literally heard NOTHING and after paying extra money for an upgrade, to not only not have my product a week after launch, but also to be given no information chaps my ass.

I’ve even contacted THQNordic about it and the result? Crickets.

Just read this from JoeMad’s tweet posted around 9:20pm Pacific Time: “Physical copies are shipping as we speak. @tinyfishprints (handling our fulfillment) may contact you. They are legit! Please respond asap!”

I just got an email from ShippingEasy and a tracking number! I’ve already got 8 hrs logged on to my Steam account, but I sure don’t mind playing all over again! :grin:

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Same here. And I agree!

Just got tracking info… Im actually pretty stoked, if it comes factory sealed, i think im gonna leave it sealed in my collection since i have digital. At least until i catch Joe at comiccon, then ill rip it open for him to sign lol.

Itll be my 3rd sealed game in my huge collection as most are open (i dont do digital if there are physical versions lol)

Rez Infinite, Darksiders II rare print error, and this.


@SomaXD - cool! even though I sighed up for email alerts, I’ve been checking the tracking number at regular intervals because I’m so freaking excited.

Neat that you’re a collector. I used to work at Sierra and have a really nice collection of games. I’ve also done some YouTube videos with Metal Jesus (huge retro collector) since he and I worked there together.

Keeping our fingers cross that our copies arrive soon!