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Perks/Inaccurate Stats Bug Is Back

Back in Beta we had a major bug that wasn’t displaying accurate stats when you would start the game up unless you went to your Perks window and toggled Perks on/off. I’ve noticed this bug come back which is a bit annoying since we all thought it was fixed… Hopefully the patch for this will be soon. I’ve also always wondered if this affects the Beast Perks as well…


Hey, @Omni_Games! Could you please post screenshots of this issue for us? And possibly a step by step of how you got each screen. We’re not able to repro this issue here, so there should be something in your particular save state that would help us track this down.

Hey @ortizgames, I am so sorry I haven’t been able to recreate it. I believe I made the mistake of not noticing that the perk skills I was tampering with at the time were also adding enough points for acquiring Perk Masteries that were adjusting the stats numbers drastically but I was adjusting Perk skills that weren’t related to stats so I made a quick assumption that the bug was back. Sorry for not investigating further and posting misleading info…

No problem! Just relieved to hear the bug hasn’t somehow resurfaced!
Thanks, @Omni_Games