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Perks & Dungeon Skill Bug

I noticed a bug that seems to only be a display bug, haven’t tested to see if it’s an exploit. Basically if you put Perk points into Perks that affect dungeon skills like Dungeon Skill Expert(increases the maximum amount of times you can use a dungeon skill), you can then turn those off and use the Perks you want instead but until you rest in town or leave a dungeon, the Skills will continue displaying 10/6. The opposite happens as well, if you put Perk points into one of those Perks in the middle of a dungeon, it won’t change the max amount of skill uses while in the dungeon, not sure if that’s intended to avoid exploit or a bug. Here are some screenshots for proof. Right now I’ve only seen it on Garrison but probably other characters with similar Perks have it as well.