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Perk missing in the Character menu


I started to play with the Beta. With the Game Release, my save game got corrupted, so I start a new fresh game.
Now I’m at level 11 and the perks option is not visible in the menu. I remeber that the perks are visible from level 6. I’ve just completed the 2nd dungeon, but the Perks option is still not visible.

How can I solve this issue?

Thank you for your help.


Hi @erkito We are working on a fix for this as we speak. In the meantime you can send me your save file and i can fix it for you. I’ll PM you

@Airship-Steve Would you be able to fix this for me too, please? I had to buy the game twice because my PS4 copy got corrupted and PS4 customer support wouldn’t refund me. My data got corrupted on PS4. Purchased it on PC and now this is happening to me too. I really like this game and everything keeps getting in the way of me playing it lol.

Someone on reddit is having the same issue as the TC. I have a picture I can add if you wish. Are you able to fix it on a PS4?

I had the same bug, but the perks showed up in my menu when I got Knolan in my party when I was lvl 10. So you’ll get them when you get yoir 4th member, I read that a lot of people got perks bug fixed that way. :grin:

I got this too and was wondering if there is a fix for ps4 or a way to send my file to get it fixed?

Hey @Mircasta, we have a fix for this thats currently being tested. It may be a few days before it shows up on PS4 unfortunately, since we need to send it to be approved etc. Our #1 concern is dealing with the crashes/possible save corruption on ps4 so we want to make sure that is fixed before we push a ps4 patch.