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PC Ui / Control scheme proposal

Hello, Air Ships! Big fan and all that stuff =)

I was playing in Battle Chasers beta on my PC using mouse/keyboard and Xbox controller alternately.
And some thoughts came in to my mind. Maybe, you’ll find my feedback helpful, who knows.

First of all, please check attachment, i think it’s pretty clear, what i have in my mind.



After that, you can return to this text, there will be critics =)

  • I think you understand that PC players get used to different control scheme than console players. So it will be great benefit in making UI/controls separatly for PC and Consoles.

  • Right now UI have a lot of problems: unconsistant graphic elements, unconsistant fonts, maybe not very wise information placement…

  • But the main issue is console control scheme. Old school one. Very very old. Too old. I understand, that Battle Chasers are positioned as old school jRPG… But, common, there are always something that can be done better! (just remember evolution of adventure games UI/controls; even RPG have changed a lot… )

  • For example, in current UI, when you select Abilities there are room only for 6 +half slots. But Book have 12 locked abilities for each character. So player will have to scroll through it to choose last ones.

  • Ui have separate page for only one control - ‘Flee’ - unwise, in my opinion.

  • And i’ve touch only surface. Book and Buy/Sell dialogs have a lot of issues too… Not PC friendly at all. And map - it’s very comfortoble to navigate using only mouse… but there is WASD here… =(

That’s why i made those raw sketches of UI. I think for PC this kind of controls will be defenatly great. Not sure about consoles. May be there should be something else.


Anyway, i hope, my proposal will inspire your team to make right desicions and add more improvements to the game.

Thanx for reading =)

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I like enemy info!
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What do you mean by “20 characters”?

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