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PC-Steam problem

Hello there to everyone! I wanted to adress this serious problem that I have with the game. I bought it recently and wanted to play. Unfornatelly when I want to start it the minature pops pup on the task belt for about 5 seconds and disappears. And the game closes. I have already tried reinstalling game twice with no result.

Sorry to hear that!

What OS are you playing on: Windows, Mac or Linux?

Can you post your logfile from the game? Instructions to find it are here:

I use Windows 7 and I can’t find output_log.txt in BC_Data folder.

That means the game is exiting almost immediately, which is very unusual.

Could you try having steam verify the install?

Right click the game in your library. Click Properties. Go to the Local Files tab, and click Verify Integrity of Game Files.

Already tried that. No results.