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[PC] Skin equip bug?

Hey, awesome game !

I just bought skin for calli, i go to the Inn select calli press the appearance (no key bind) and then nothing happen, the skin is not here.

Do i do something wrong, is there someone with the same bug, is their any solutions ?


Hey, @blacklaz; sorry you’re experiencing this!
What does this look like? Is there no skin, or no Appearance button?

the appearence button glow when i press it, it’s normal i guess, but no skin apply or appear on calli, on inn or group

Okay, we’ve tested this and confirmed that the button is broken. We’ll be fixing this in the next patch. If you have the “-” button available on your keyboard, or a controller handy that you can plug into the computer via USB, you should be able to press the button on the prompt to toggle the skin.

Thanks for the Quick answer. I have not any controler i guess i’ll have to wait the patch. And the “-” button isnt Bind in any key. We should be able to edit keybinding, french people Got azerty keyboards and cant play with qwerty ( the only annoying things in this awesome game)

Hey back, i would love to know when will this patch coming, i finished the game, and i would love to start a NewGame+ but with skin :frowning:
Do you know when this will be up?

We’re working on it now, @blacklaz! The next patch will have a fix for this issue.

thanks, cant wait to use my skins for NG+