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PC or Nintendo Switch?

I’m stll undecisive on the platform. The portability of the switch sounds awesome but the PC version will most likely have better performance and graphic quality ?

Is anyone on the fence with me ?

Sorry, but no. I’m PS4 all the way!

Yeah, I am. I was originally going to just get it for my Macbook Pro, especially since I have way more space on my Mac partition than in my Windows 10 Bootcamp Partition (do we have any idea on disk space needed yet?), but since they MIGHT have Razer Chroma integration, I’m definitely leaning toward PC.

Yeah maybe having an idea on disk space would help me decide. Lucky you for having a Razer Chroma ! :slight_smile:

I’m leaning towards the Nintendo Switch version of the game for the portability, plus I don’t have a gaming PC. I have an Xbox One but I feel like I’d enjoy it more on the Switch. :joystick:

Needed to get it for PC… Love my PS4 but PC has a longer lifespan


Switch, portability on what looks to be an amazing rpg is priceless!

I was so happy to learn about the Switch version, even if we have to wait a bit longer.

It’s definitely the perfect genre for the Switch.
I have so many great “Indy games” that I didn’t finish on PC
Just because I’m too lazy to power up the machine and start a game

That kind of game is ideal for small sessions, and the Switch is great for that.

We’re excited about all the platforms, too. But Switch is certainly unique and we’re glad to be on it!


I would like it on the Switch, but from the sounds of it Switch might be delayed and I can’t wait.

That was exactly my thinking.
I would prefer the big screen sit back and play on the PS4, but I have games I kept that I could no longer play once the machines broke down or were phased out (of my home). But I still have a copy of older computer games that I can load up and play, and I’m hoping that Battlechasers will be a legacy game like that; at least for me.

Switch for me. Becoming my defacto system as long as the games run well on it!

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PC. That way I can stream it to all of you, and you can berate me for all of my poor turn based RPG skills.


But who said the switch was delayed? Amazon has it up for pre-order for Oct 3rd

PC, PS4 and Xbox One are listed as being released on Oct 3rd on Amazon. Nintendo Switch is listed as being released on Nov. 30th (that could be a rough guess though…could come sooner)

Ain’t got a switch, so it’s PC for me, definitely.

@Madjoy where are you getting that date? Heres the amazon details:


I was going purely off an update from Airship stating that they started the Switch version later and it seemed they were having some difficulties with it and mentioned there was a chance it would be delayed.

Almost all of my Razer gear is Chroma! I mostly use it for work, and at home don’t have a place to have it all sync’d up yet (the wife and I share a tiny desk).

The main reason I’ll want to play this on PC, when Chroma integration happens:

My Razer Chroma gear
  • Blackwidow Chroma Stealth
  • Naga Epic Chroma
  • Tartarus Chroma
  • Death Adder Elite
  • Death Adder Chroma Overwatch Edition
  • Death Adder Chroma Deus Ex Edition
  • Blackwidow Chroma Deus Ex Edition
  • Naga Hex v2
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honestly If I owned a Switch I would have gone that route… I originally went the route of the wiiu… cause Nintendo is a great company for lifespan… I still have my N64 and it works great as well as all my Nintendo consoles… but considering I WON’T be getting a switch till at least next year… Pc was the next best decision…