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PC GOG Game getting stuck in experience reward screen

so this is bit of a weird one. Has happened to me twice so far. Game gets “stuck” in the experience reward screen and won’t go further than that. Game still recognizes if you input stuff with keyboard or gamepad because the game changes on screen inputs to the one you press but won’t respond to any inputs in any otherway. Only way to get out is to just alt-f4.

And with both times i was fighting Lycelot Bomber type enemy AND when it decides to blow himself up. Bug still remains if you go fight the same enemy. doesn’t matter if you pull more monster into the encounter. the fight is going to result in getting stuck the same way as the first time but doesn’t require the monster to use suicide for the game to get stuck again so i’m not sure is them blowing themself up a condition required to get this bug BUT both times they did use it before getting stuck for the “first time”. first time was in the Dig dungeon (Unstable Bomber) second time happened in the crimson garden( lycelot snow bomber).

Both times i tried does it matter if the encounter has more enemies but multiple times fight would end in getting stuck. Only way to get past this bug was fight against other enemy encounter inside the dungeon(did not try if fighting in the world map would fix it) that did NOT contain that particular enemy. after fighting anything else would “fix” the bug and you could go fight The bomber in question and the game would proceed as normal.

Yep, we have a fix for this in the next patch! Sorry, @WhiteFang. Let us know if this stops happening once the patch is out!

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