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[Path of Fangs] Fell Through The Floor

2nd Bug03

I finished the whole upper part (Discovered 50% - Finished the Frostclaw bannerman and…)

While walking to the next Quest Objective I glitched into the earth.
Where? At the location ‘S+D’

2nd Bug02

Thats the Area where I could move under the earth.

Specific Traits:

  • First Time entering the [Path of Fangs]
  • Difficulty: Average
  • Killed the [Armor NPC Lycanroc]
    *Beforce killing him I switched to Calibretto
  • After killing this NPC I got hit by the moving [Blade Trap] 1x time
  • Location I pointed out (S+D) I first pressed S and D to move and then I glitched under the earth
  • After that the only Area I could move was the one I pointed out

Thanks for the comprehensive info!