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Path of fangs - buttons bugs

I don’t know what is wrong with this dungeon but a few of important things are not working :slight_smile:
First of all, which was quite painful, I couldn’t open inventory. Either the pad and the keyboard shortcuts wasn’t working at all. So I had to use what I came with.
Second of all, there is a forgery which I was unable to use. It looked like I was trying to use a skill instead of opening the forgery. The second item in the same room (a book I guess) was working properly.

After finishing the quest and getting back to the world map inventory fixed itself.

Thanks, @Respondek; several people have reported the menus not working in some circumstances and we are looking into it.
Would you happen to remember what you had just done when you realized you couldn’t access the menu?

Looks like I did nothing special. It just stopped working. I guess, I’m not using inventory every minute so it is a guess, after killing the bottom way mid boss something went wrong with the code. You can watch it by yourself.
End of mid boss fight -

For me everything begun there. I also forgot that the ‘hidden’ chest in their area had something inside but nothing appeared listed on the screen.
Missing items -

Trying to check every button or key possible to open inventory -

Broken workshop:
here -
and here -

I don’t know if that will help you :slight_smile: