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Patch v.23288 is now live on Steam for PC/Mac

Hey everyone! Patch v.23288 is now live on Steam for PC/Mac!

Patch Notes for build v.23288

New Features

  • New options added to the Options menus:
    • Keyboard remapping is finally here for PC/Mac! Simply go to Options > Controls and rebind away!
    • Setting to play videos
    • Show interaction outlines in combat/dungeons
    • Hold left click to Move
    • Rumble


  • Completing a dungeon in Mythic mode also counts toward the Completing all dungeons on Legendary achievement.
  • Added a fix that retroactively awards you the 100% Bestiary Completion achievement if it was not awarded to you properly on earning it.
  • Airships now remain spawned on the World Map when they have been spawned prior from completing a dungeon.
  • Players can now flee from Hunt bosses if they realize they’re in over their heads. You will flee back to the World Map when you try to escape from a Hunt encounter.
  • Hunt Quests have had their levels adjusted slightly to give players better warning about their difficulty.
  • Players who defeated Bhargus but did not receive the Purgatory Stone should now find it in their inventory.


  • Switching characters while viewing a Mastery perk will update the UI accordingly with the next character’s Mastery Perk.
  • We added an entry for the highest difficulty completed for a dungeon in the Dungeon Codex.
  • You will not get a Legendary Dungeon warning for a dungeon in progress.
  • Skipping through the Combat Victory screens now appropriately skips the reveal animation for your loot so you can see it before you exit combat.
  • You now get toasts for loot obtained when skipping the Combat Victory screen altogether.
  • Minor UI fixes.


  • Various minor fixes.


  • Fix for hang when accessing the Tolkas Arena.
  • Fix for Razer headset drivers crashing.
  • Cinematic video sound is now tied to the Music volume in options, so you can keep the Voice high and better listen to dialogue over the music and sound effects.

Thank you!


The patch has went live now…do i opt out of the beta and then syeam will download the patch or what do i do?

Thats correct! You can opt out and itll go back to the normal version

thanks everyone…this game is really awesome

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  • Can’t bind F1 keys.
  • Can’t bind combinations (Control+key).
  • “Compendium: Inventory” binds the wrong tab.
  • The menu needs another column for alternative binds.
  • “Move Left”, “Move Right” and Compendium tabs are listed in the wrong order.
  • Alt bound to “Menu Special 1” does not show a key name near the button (on perks and bestiary pages, for example).
  • Keybind label doesn’t show up near the Fishiary tab.

Come on, guys.

For those who want to manually remap Inventory key

%AppData%\..\LocalLow\Airship Syndicate\BattleChasersNightwar\user\ControlBindings.xml
You are looking for <actionId>9</actionId> and <keyboardKeyCode>, which follows it.
Don’t try to tidy that XML file, it won’t parse.

Thanks a lot for the comments @tmn; we really appreciate the feedback. Working on fixes for multiple issues with keybinding now!

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Hi, hope fix PS4 too…
same bug: 100% bestiary but not unlock trophy.
Ps: i love this game :wink:

Any news on the ps4 patch?

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Let me try again:

Any news when the ps4 patch will be available to fix the Big Game Hunter trophy?

I’d like to see v.23288 on the PS4 please!