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Patch 23636 now live on PC/Mac (Steam)

Hey everyone! We have a new patch live now on steam for PC and Mac. GoG coming soon. We are going to work on pushing this patch to PS4 and XboxOne aswell (this will be big for consoles since it also includes the last patch which didn’t make it to consoles). We have a lot of bug fixes and balance changes. Thanks everyone for the feedback/bug reports! Without further ado, here are the patch notes:

Patch Notes for Build 23636


  • The entire cast of Battle Chasers has wised up, and have learned how to use equipment that was previously beyond their skill level. This means: equipment no longer requires a minimum level to equip! This will improve the leveling curve, and make leveling up benched characters a smoother experience. To keep the game balanced, equipment drops and vendor inventories have been slightly readjusted.
  • The XP curve has been adjusted to alleviate stalling in mid-game dungeons.
  • Early game enemies have become more dangerous.
  • Several enemies in the game have had their abilities made more fair/balanced.
  • The Innkeeper has revised his tax plan, and the cost of reviving your party has been adjusted to be more lenient for the low-leveled and more demanding of the high-leveled.
  • New Game+ is harder. (Evil laugher)
  • Knolan’s starting level should be 11.
  • Innervating Mist has had its overcharge generation reduced slightly.


  • Dungeons no longer magically uncomplete themselves when quitting to the Main Menu after completing them.
  • Loot should not be assigned to empty bins if there is no loot.
  • Fixed some of Monika’s abilities that were not critting properly.
  • Garrison’s Rupture Ability will stop falling over after 3 turns and last its full 5 turns.
  • Slimes no longer behave like molasses, but like gelatin. Thus, they play their animations much more quickly.
  • We put a stop to the time travel occurring when quitting the game from a completed dungeon. Loading back in to the save will now progress to the next day.
  • The boss the Dig in Mythic difficulty is now at its proper level.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented perks from updating correctly when swapping equipment
    *Fixed a bug that showed inflated stat values on the character sheet when first loading into the scene or changing equipment while a certain mastery was equipped


  • A few minor Localization issues addressed.
  • Incorrect/non-working button prompts in the Compendium, Game Manual and in Fishing have been fixed.
  • The UI has received a scale-up and contrast adjustments across the board, to make text more visible on screens of differing sizes and distances.
  • In some cases the Compendium would flicker open and closed when you pressed your controller buttons just so. This has been fixed.
  • The Bestiary Entry progress bar has been made less visually noisy.

General Bug Fixes

  • Players who were missing Caldeus’s skull and the Alpha Core despite having defeated the appropriate enemies should now be able to find them in their inventory.
  • Cinematic background/music audio is now tied to the music volume.
  • Fishing lines have been polished.
  • Fishing in general has been polished.
  • Fixes have been made to a certain cane to prevent multiples of it being spawned.

Thank you!


Will this patch fix the Iron Outpost achievement on the Xbox One when it eventually releases for consoles? I’ve completed Iron Outpost multiple times on every difficulty and the achievement for completing that dungeon hasn’t unlocked for me.

Yes it should fix that.

Those are some awesome fixes and improvements people! This game was already a one of a kind gem, before this update though!

I was hoping for a new game ++ and will gladly play the harder new game + :grinning:

Is there any posibility of dlc or a part 2 coming for this game? Cause that would make me incredibly happy to know!

The entire cast of Battle Chasers has wised up, and have learned how to use equipment that was previously beyond their skill level. This means: equipment no longer requires a minimum level to equip!

Does this mean all equipment? I might be glossing over something…I am very new to the game, but I just bought an item from the blacksmith that I cannot equip until I am level 10. If this is a bug, I can jot the name down when I get a chance to play again.

When can we expect this update to arrive on GOG? Why does it have to be “soon”. It’s possible now to directly update GOG the same way you are updating Steam. I just cannot understand devs today. GOG customers paid the same and should receive updates the same time.

@ redeka What version do you see in the top right when you load into the game? There should be no more level requirements on items

Also, are you playing on steam?

Hi Steve,

It is version 23636. I’ve included a photo of the version and item in question. It would appear there are several level restricted items at my blacksmith. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

I am concerned that it may be my save file. In all honesty, I originally had a pirated copy of the game (gasp I am sorry, I purchased it on Steam after playing the first couple of hours). I completely uninstalled the un-patched pirated version, but copied my save file over into the new steam folder. If no one else is experiencing the same issue, I am wondering if my dishonest past could be a part of the problem.

Ah thanks for the screenshot. The reason you cant use it, is that its armor for Knolan, which is seems you dont have unlocked yet.


That would explain the issue! Please excuse my stupid question!

Any news on when this patch is going to release on Xbox One and PS4?

I’m wondering the same. I doubt there’s an exact release set yet, but a potential window or time frame would be nice to know since it looks like its going to have some great improvements.

So can we have some news about the patch on console? you promise good surprises on console for this patch i wonder what they are

Hey all, in regards to the console patch. We are trying to get all the goodies and bug fixes we’ve encountered while working on the switch version into the xbox and ps4 patches aswell. We are testing the changes on ps4 and xbox as we speak to make sure nothing broke in the process and then will submit the patches after that if all goes well. Thanks for your patience!


Can we have some news about the patch for consoles? at least if he is still on the way

it’s been 6 months i wait to finally enjoy this game in normal conditions so at this point i can wait a month or two… but i have high hope for this patch specially for finally fix all the issues this game has on ps4

Here’s an update from 18 days ago, nothing since then though.

After this update, I can’t see texts like ‘HP’, ‘MP’, ‘Will’, etc. on Character menu. I’m using Korean and it was shown properly before.