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Party Member (in/out) XP

Since ive been on a bc blackout (i wanna go in the ps4 version super fresh… (And my primary laptop atm cant run the beta)

How is xp handled for the team? 3 in earn xp, what about the team member not in party, do they scale with you or do you need to swap them in to earn?

Only the 3 in your party earns exp, you have to swap in the others for them to earn exp

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Cool, while either way is fine, i think i like this style of leveling most since it forces you to swap in lesser used characters in order to keep them leveled.

Okay now to go on a media blackout for this game for 2 more weeks. I want zero influence for maximum enjoyment!

There is also a catch up mechanic so if a character is way behind, theyll gain a lot more exp. They’ll also still get xp if they are knocked out (which will often be the case if you are trying to level them up in an area thats a lot higher level than them :stuck_out_tongue: )


Oh wow the catch-up mechanic sounds amazing! Im so stoked how much care and thought you guys are taking with gameplay… Cant wait for this game!!!