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Overworld map becomes unresponcive after fighting in the Moore

Not sure what caused it but in my game I can no longer progress due to this glitch.

The over world map because unresponsive after I fight something in the Moore. Furthermore the initial battle in the Moore that triggers this, when the fight ends, i get no exp page and then a second empty battle triggers and concludes. This is when I’m back at the over world map and can walk around everywhere with no obstruction and unable to interact with anything.

The weird things on top of this is battle in the southern wilds seem to be doing the same thing, any fights that yield experience. But the ones that do not give you anything, their fight icon stays after a battle, to which if you choose to fight them again they all spawn in with 1hp.

It seems saving and exiting to menu would restore being able to engage in a fight but then it would break again after the fight ended.

***Later discovered exiting the game fully and restarting it seems to have fixed the problem for now.

Hi @Zeiffer! What platform are you on?

sorry forgot to add that.

Im on Steam / Windows

Ok thanks for the info!