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Original soundtrack

Hello!=) rly want to know will be original soundtrack available on iTunes or something? Rly wanna buy it guys! its amazing!!

you can get it on Steam along with a digital artbook

+1 to this ability to buy it elsewhere. I would love to see a partnership between Airship and Iam8bit on doing a vinyl release of this. It would be amazing to see a chaoseater or lovebomb wax style pressing.


+1 I absolutely agree! I’m hoping for a Vinyl release as well; I was beyond estatic when Supergiant games released their soundtracks on Vinyl.

Wonderful music, the composers did a beautiful job on the soundtrack. Thank you very much!

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is it just me or do you have to own the game on steam to get the extras? if so we really need another source for the soundtrack at least, it’s excellent!

While it’s not MUCH better, if you happen to own the game on GOG, you can purchase the OST as an add-on there. It includes the MP3 and FLAC versions along with the digital artbook for $7. I hope this at least helps a few of you.