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Original sketches arriving

Pictures via Facebook.
PLEASE EMAIL those who pledged !!

Did you receive your sketche?
If yes, can you share a link?

No this was posted on facebook

Do you have a link to facebook?
I was able to find that one on the web though :wink:

Another cool one!

I found 6 on the internet.
Where is yours? Please share!
Note: I’m still waiting for mine :sleeping:

Still waiting. Looking forward to the original game art also.

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Mine got delivered last week but missed the delivery. Finally picked it up yesterday and it’s pretty awesome!

How do you guys like it compared to Garrison sketches?

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Many Thanks for the share!

23 days without any new sketch shared!?
I’m certain some of you have received their sketch.
Even if Joe hasn’t made them all yet, many more were made a long time ago…


Still waiting for my inked art and original game art. I’m on holiday so hopefully something will be there when i get home. If not I will wait some more. Hopefully l will get my email answered l sent a month ago.
Looking forward to any updates!

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Hooo so you are in the top tier!
I’m looking forward to the pieces of art that you will receive.
I hope that you will share some HD versions of them :wink:

Anyone hearing or seeing any new sketches out in the wild? I’m still patiently waiting.

I too am still waiting for any sign of physical rewards. Have you had any luck since?

Nothing since the last batch.

bumping to see if anyone has seen anything recently? Still waiting for my Battle Chasers game art and 8x11 inked piece.

Sorry, still nothing on my side, I haven’t received anything physical for the moment.

As posted in other threads;

Wednesday I had sent an email to Airship asking for more updates and better communication.

Good news though, yesterday an email came with a tracking number. :smiley: This is a much bigger improvement from the last shipment.

This is probably just for the Art Books though, still zilch and buptkis on the sketch and the Issue #10… Still no reply from Airship themselves though.

Yup, I’m guessing still no original art for you… Just like me :confused:

I wish they’d actually show some respect for those with outstanding issues. Certainly haven’t felt it.

Well I’m thinking/hoping this changes soon.
Don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but hopefully good news soon.