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One translation mistake and two visual bugs


first of all, I’m already in love with this game. So much love went into it that I’m now considering keeping my Switch version, as well as buying it for PC later on =) Anyway, let’s talk bugs to make this game as smooth as possible when it comes out:

When starting the game for the very first time you can choose your language. It says “Deutsche” for German, but it should be “Deutsch”. It’s correct from hereon after when going into the menus, so it only happens once.

Secondly, I found two visual bugs that I encounter since I have an ultrawide monitor. In fact, you can already see it on the screenshot above (look at the top left side and bottom right side): there are two brownish pixel areas that are not being displayed. It also continues throughout the game afterwards. I wonder if it happened once I turned on the Steam overlay, though. It might not be necessarily be part of the game.

Finally, on an ultrawide you see something new loading/appearing in the background while the foreground shows still the old image. For instance, when leaving an area and switching to the worldmap (world map loads in full ultra and appears already, while a 16:9 screen in the middle tries to mask the transition).

Oh, one more, actually, battles are not fully supported and somehow icons are being cut off in the upper left, too. See here:

I hope all of this is helpful… now I have to decide whether I rush through the beta or play Destiny 2 for a bit =)

Thanks for this great game!!

Lx (please tell Grace I said hi =)

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Thanks for the feedback, @CaptainLx! I told Grace you said hi :wink: She says hi back.
We’re working on official 21:9 support still; it should be ready before release!

Heyyy! Thanks a lot for the feedabck :smiley: