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One time Chests

small question that involves loot inside one time chests such as the one at the start of the game.

is the loot in these chest preset meaning that the items in general and their rarity is locked in?

Their loot is more or less locked in in that its rarity and power are set, and they typically use a common loot table, meaning the loot table will eventually drop the entirety of its contents.

ok good haha. I was about to keep opening up the same chests over and over until that rare became an epic. That’ll save me the stress of reloading the game over and over.

I thought they were random since you guys made Darksiders 2 and the chest in that game had a chance the loot having a high rarity value even on common chests so a bunch of us min maxers had hours invested on getting best in slot whenever we could.

thank you for clearing that up.