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NPC Shop Suggestion

I was browsing some NPC wares and comparing them to the ones in my inventory and it dawned on me that gear sold by NPC’s doesn’t display rarity level. For example at Grimbeard’s shop he sells Nature’s Touch which is a green rarity ring but all gear sold by him displays like a standard greyed out item. Not sure if this was done on purpose so players would gamble and find out what rarity the item was after they bought it or if it’s an unintended display bug. It would help with clarity if equipment sold by NPCs displayed their rarity colors…

Did you upgrade Grimbeard’s shop yet? The more you upgrade his shop, the better the gear he sells. I upgraded his shop to level 2 and I’m seeing different rarity items, such as green. There can be different rarities for the same type of item.

Yeah I upgraded Grimbeard once for 1000 gold still seeing items with regular color names and borders, no special rarity ones yet…

Rarity should be visible in the vendor’s UI. Did you buy that ring and once you got it, it was green in your inventory? There’s a green version out there, but most items can have different rarities. For instance, you can get a Coast Iron sword that’s white, green, blue, or purple.

Upgrades increase the chance the vendor will sell better gear. Keep checking and he’ll have something nice later!

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Thanks for clarifying @Hakan, I just only saw normal rarity for a long time, but eventually higher rarity levels appeared in his shop.