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Not sure if it'll stay like this but...Steam Codes are live!

My steam code on the inventory page on just redeemed on Steam. On Steam it said it was for the Beta, but looks like it was the full version. Went in and applied the ChaosEater and backer portraits code and they redeemed in game as well. CHECK YOUR CODE INVENTORY! GO GO GO!

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The name i dont think matters to much. When I redeemed it, it still had to download another 1.3 gb indicating it was the ‘main’ game at least as far as I can tell

I did a small PSA on how to redeem your rewards and how to use them too. the portraits were a bit of an odd thing to figure out tbh

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Yea I just read that. Good info. I just got out of being in the game and the portrait changes are cool. The ChaosEater code actually gives you three different “blueprints” for it at levels 6, 12, and 20. Love that it was done like this so we can have ChaosEater throughout most of the game.

We’re not sure why the code says Beta when you redeem it. Waiting to hear back from our publisher on that one, but I think it may have just been named wrong when they created the keys.

But it’s definitely the full game. We took down the beta and put the full build in it’s place, so there’s no way to even get to the beta any more even if you wanted to.

Plus all the “real” beta keys have been invalidated at this point.

Sorry for the weirdness!