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No pirate airships still

I have updated my game on PS4 and still have not seen any airships. I have completed several dungeons since the patch.

@Veggie Airships move pretty slow and come flying in from their patrols out in the ocean. A good test to see if airships are appearing in your game is beating the Iron Outpost quickly, then when you’re back on the world map, moving your camera out to the West ocean and seeing if you spot one of their ships flying towards land!

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I suppose I can try this but in hours of play since the patch I have never seen a pirate ship.

Well I just happened to have an Iron Outpost at the last boss after finishing it Airships did arrive. Two airships later and Calibretto had his weapon.

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Hey!! Really glad to hear that!

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Hmm do the ships only reset with a dungeon run? I’d imagine sleeping at the inn should also reset them no?
Either way, I have been running dungeons and resting and walking around the whole map and very very rarely see any ships. Still got 2 lieutenants and the big boss captain to complete my beastiary.
This achievement hunt has honestly soured my big big love for this game, maybe I should just stop lol.

Hmm well doing Iron Outpost worked and I was for the very first time able to find 5 ships in one map.
I kinda doubt doing Crimson Gardens has a different effect than doing Iron Outpost, so not sure what the difference was, other than I had an Iron Outpost instance that was incomplete from pre-patch? Or that I needed to finish that again in new patch for the trigger to properly happen? Weird but thanks for the help.

We usually suggest iron outpost just because it would be the quickest dungeon to finish to pass time forward. The fix we put in wont change the current state of the world, only the next day (which is why a dungeon needs to be completed in order for the pirates to spawn if the bug was keeping them from spawning)

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I had zero airship at lvl 22. Got 3 in a row after completing deadwatch on legendary XD

Perfect tips @Airship-Steve / @ortizgames!
Thank you!

With this method (Finish the “Iron Outpost” dungeon + go to each portal and look around with the left stick in order to find the Airship) works perfectly!
I also noticed that after you beat the crew another Airship spawns somewhere else!
I’ve been able to fight 6 airships in a row!
… Ok I still don’t have the legendary item for Calibretto but I’m on my way! :sunglasses:

Hey, did you change something in the latest patches?
I can’t find the airship anymore with that method… :disappointed_relieved:

OK I found the answer:

So once you defeated High Captain Blothe then the ship no longer spawn… :disappointed_relieved:

I’ve also discovered that to be able to find the airship of High Captain Blothe you must:

  • Have defeated at least three other captains (In other Airships)
  • Have finished “The Crimson Gardens” dungeon
    Then only the Airship of High Captain Blothe may appear (At random) but only around “The Mana Rifts” Dungeon portal…

Are all those information true? @strangelove @Airship-Steve @ortizgames @Hooper

Thats mostly correct. The other pirates (not the captains. they only spawn once each) will still spawn also until the High Captain is killed

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Thank you for the reply and… can you tell me if the High Captain Blothe has a burst attack?
If yes I will do another run just to discover it :wink:
If not then… I will wait that you make another game with him haha!
… or you can also reveal his burst art on twitter if he has one :sweat_smile:

When I see an airship patrolling, I move the other way on the map. I’ve tried to fight them twice and gotten wasted both times.

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Ok, this explains why whenever I step away from the game for a few minutes, while on the world map, I’m in combat when I get back. Only happens when I step away for a minute.

The Airship parties are really good challenges especially on NG+. I’ll admit in the beginning I got owned a few times myself but when you get done with about 2-3 dungeons and get your party builds going they can be the best fights in the game.

Mine appeared towards the last boss area in the castle to the north, so I’d say it’s probably just the northern region in general.