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🌟 Nintendo Switch version - Release updates

EDIT 21/11: Latest update from the Airship team:

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Hi Nightwar Team!

I’m one of the (I’m not sure how many) backers who persisted to opt for a Nintendo Switch game code with my Kickstarter pledge, and as with the others, I can’t wait to get my hands on the game! :grin:

I understand that your hands are currently tied while waiting for Unity to update their game engine for the Switch. It is what it is, I guess. :man_shrugging:

I was hoping, could we please get this post pinned as the go-to-thread for any updates on the Nintendo Switch version release? I’m sure others out there would also appreciate it, rather than creating multiple posts.

And on the hot topic, has there been any word from Unity? Perhaps a (Olympic sized) ballpark time frame?

Any feedback would be muchly appreciated! :smile:

Best regards,


Can we get this post pinned please? Another topic has sprung up:

Hey Devs/Mods,

Any updates?


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Pls pin yes, could really use some info for switch version. Really want to play it. Didn’t find out about this game until late or I would of backed it up but some info on switch version would be really cool. Starting to feel real stale with everyone else talking and exploring the game while the switch users wait in darkness :"( Amazon says nov 27th 2017. Is this real or can we expect it sooner?

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Here’s another one:

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And another response again:

Devs/mods, can we please get this post pinned?

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I guess if it takes weeks then the Nov 27th date on Amazon is about right… Bummer… Even gonna go past my bday… Good thing I love what these guys r bringing to the table

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And another thread has been created…

I’ve been trying to get us Switch fans some attention here for a while now, but it looks like a separate and very recent thread received a dev update instead… go figure :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

To not know anything at all is daunting… I would’ve liked the silence instead. Sign… I feel for all u backers.

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The Switch version wasn’t a part of the Kickstarter campaign (original pledges were for PC, Xbone and PS4), but we know people are excited for the addition. Choosing to wait might be difficult, but we hope it’ll be worth it.

We can’t announce a date, though. We’re still waiting for a few pieces to fall into place before we can get the build running up to snuff. No one is more excited to make an announcement about it than us, though.

Regarding the Amazon date, it’s not official. Could be sooner, could be later (let’s sure hope not).



Ppl r just cranky cause there’s nothing like this out anywhere. U have to go waaaay back a few years to find any real turn based rpgs of this quality and the YouTube videos/ friends unleasing all her goodies is hard to grit lol The delay sucks but wat keeps me going is knowing while everyone is stuck at home chasing battles we switch users will be on the go with our battle chasers right next to us :stuck_out_tongue:

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@strangelove appreciate your clarification around Nintendo Switch being an “additional” platform. Makes sense that given it wasn’t in the original project scope that the risks and timelines could blow out a bit.

Fingers crossed everything falls into place sooner rather than later.

Cheers :+1:

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(cricket, cricket) gotta be soon…

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Would prefer to focus on one topic/post for all news regarding a switch physical release. I had originally opted for a steam copy but since recently getting a switch I swapped for a switch copy! Yeah, I got my steam key and can play but I really want to focus playing on the switch, given the versatility it offers with taking it out and about!
Will we get a digital and physical copy for our troubles like all the Xbone/PS4 users? They all got digital codes for consoles and Steam as well as their physical copy!
Good to see a little clarification and I understand there is no news, but still feeling like since launch either we’ve all been forgotten about or things have gotten far too busy in the office that there isn’t enough hands/time.
Here’s to being patient. Anyway, what’s a few more months after 2 years waiting hey?!

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I hope a few more months isn’t the case. It would force battle chasers to the back burner of a lot of new releases. I check every day for new info on switch release in hope it comes B4 all the new games lining up. Here to waiting (cheers)

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Well looks like another couple weeks have passed with no new information on the Switch Version or some kind of feedback with regards to the release. Too bad with Horizon Zero Dawn DLC, Pokemon Ultra Moon, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, DOOM, LA Noir, and Skyrim all out in the next few weeks even if the Switch version of this game was released in tonight the next few weeks, the priority to play it would be at the bottom of this list. Too bad I love the property. Too bad the devs made promises they couldn’t keep and their communication is pretty awful. Even if it’s bad please say something. The communication from the devs is awful. Bad to the point where I prolly won’t back Airship Syndicate on any future products. I spent $135 CAD backing this game and I still can’t play on the platform I want. Lesson learned I guess.

switch was never initially planned for a global release so expecting this to come out very soon after it’s initial launch is asking a lot from the small development team.

from the looks of it, they seem divided with having to patch up the game while developing it for a 4th platform. Darksiders 2 went through this as well so don’t be surprised that there is a wait.

I almost forgot about it had it not been for these new postings :"( Hopefully we get some kinda info towards it some day…

I’m less concerned that we are waiting and more concerned with the lack of communication. Also if your a small development team (which I know they are) maybe don’t announce or promise things without looking into it more thoroughly. That’s what’s more annoying to me. If they initially said October 3 for everything else and early 2018 for Switch I could live with that but they made us all believe when it was announced at E3 that Switch was a platform that it was launching with everything else. I know they are primarily waiting on Unity or that’s what I last read but again they should of looked at all potential problems and issues prior to making an announcement. I’m not looking for a day to day update but say something so we know what’s going on. The devs have sucked with communication with their backers long before this game launched.