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Nintendo Switch Version Release Date

Pretty sad it’s been about a month now since game launched and no Switch version information. Love how they said they hope the delay wouldn’t be long we’ll it clearly is long. If your going to partner with another company (Unity) maybe work out the logistics prior to making announcements. All you did is get people’s hopes up. Game prolly won’t be out until 2018 and at that point there will be way more other games (AAA Games) that I will be playing. Honestly it’s too bad I really wanted to play on the Switch. For the record the communication from Airship Syndicate since I backed this game over 2yrs ago has been weak at best. I won’t get a response on this thread from them cause I’m being critical but I truly feel they need to read these criticisms so they can get better if and when they do a different property or additional DLC on BC:N.

Hey, @gartnercj77!
Our latest Switch update was made 6 days ago here: 🌟 Nintendo Switch version - Release updates

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My apologies I have no idea how I missed that update. It’s an update but again with no real information lol. I’m just looking for a hard release date instead of we will announce it when we announce. Again I wish if there was so many issues with adding it to a platform that they would of said this from day one. I know the delay time frame has never really been known but I guess I was optimistic but clearly I shouldn’t of been. Thanks for the response.

@gartnercj77 fingers crossed it arrives sooner rather than later! If you’re after Switch release updates, I’m trying to keep everything consolidated in just one main thread, here:

I keep checking back every few days, so if I hear anything new I’ll post it there.