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Nintendo Switch Movment Issue

When I am moving around in the world, and let go of the joystick, the character still moves. It takes a lot of effort for me to get the character to stop moving to pick up the item or interact with the world. This doesn’t happen with other games.

Well, the game may be in fault here… or not.
I have the same behavior with Zelda BOTW.
I know that the first generation joycon were doing this… I bought my switch day 1 so I assume that’s the reason. Is your switch a first generation or did you buy it recently?
That being said the problem (my problem) is supposed to be general to all games but since I only have 3 it’s difficult to tell… but actually it only happens with BOTW for me…

Seems to be the controller. I just tried a 3rd party one and it worked fine. Not sure if you would know, but if I bought a new pair of joycons would that fix this issue?


I can’t be 100% sure since I haven’t done the move yet but I assume that buying some new joycon would indeed solve the issue. That’s what I plan to do.