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Nintendo Switch: Can't hand in Destructive Duo

Hello there.
Love the game, my wife is really upset with me cos I’ve been playing it a lot. Congrats- thats when you know you’ve succeeded :stuck_out_tongue:
Can you please assist- playing on my wee Switch, connected to the TV so its on the big screen. I got to level 22 on Gully, have the golem and the sword guy in my team.
was just killing stuff in the arena, and then decided to check on the hunts- i had the parts for the destructive duo by then. got the location, went there, killed the two robots in about 2 rounds, and then when I went to receive the reward from the huntress, I can’t click on the “complete”. Its greyed out and unselectable. I have the twin cores in my inventory. Surely thats the trigger isn’t it to make that button selectable?
If item twin cores in inventory, allow click complete?
I’ve handed in the other rewards to the creepy guy who gives the coins, but even after that I still cannot complete the destructive duo.
Please fix (asap),
much appreciated!!

nice to see 5 views. woohoo!

have you guys been able to verify the bug? do I need to hand over some save files or some such to allow for review?