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[Nintendo Switch] Anyone Received Any Shipping Info?

Has anyone received any kind of tracking number or any info on the physical copies being shipped out for the Nintendo Switch?

To those who got it for other platforms, how did it work for you?


I’m also wondering what’s up with the Switch version, haven’t heard anything at all.

I got it for Steam initially, just got a code to redeem on the website when it was launched, super smooth.

Oh cool, I didn’t know I could still get the digital copy. And here I am sitting here like a sucker just waiting for the physical copy on the Switch, while I could play on the PC too.

I chose to back the physical Switch copy as well and it’s been radio silent since the emails they sent out last year. It’d be nice if Airship was a little more up front about shipping information for backers like us.

Ditto on the physical switch release as well. For some reason, my profile reverted to an old address. I caught it yesterday and updated. Hopefully it was in time as I haven’t heard a single thing about it since the update that THQNordic was handling fulfillment. At this point, I’m wondering if I should just buy the game and trade the other one in if/when it arrives

I haven’t gotten anything. I sent a tweet to Joe, Airship Syndicate, and THQNordic to see if we’ll get any updates soon. I’m not holding my breath but here’s hoping we get some news or shipping notices soon.

It’s kind of aggravating considering people have been able to find copies of the game out in the wild at this point, and people like us who have backed the project from day one aren’t getting attention.

Definitely putting a sour taste in my mouth for the studio and the game.

Seriously. Just let us know what’s going on. I’m not betting on getting the game on launch day if we haven’t received any info yet. Really disappointed in how they’re handling this.

So I’m not the only one who hasn’t see anything about my physical copy shipping. Has anyone got any physical rewards at all?

I still haven’t received shipping info for the Switch version either, and unless it’s in transit without notification or they ship next day air on Monday it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting it on release day.

At this point it’s looking like I will have ended up spending more money and waiting longer than if I had just simply instead bought it with release day delivery with my Prime or Best Buy GCU discount. I’m not convinced the digital rewards are worth the savings in money and earlier start I could have got.

Still greatly looking forward to the game. I’m pretty patient anyway and it’s just a game, but it’s still a disappointing experience. Hopefully it’s worth the wait :slight_smile:

I haven’t received any information either …

I’m guessing nobody has heard anything, right?

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Nope. Not a hint of what’s going on, not even a “look here on THQNordic’s website for distribution info and contact.”

Any kind of update regarding our physical copies of the Switch version would be appreciated. C’mon guys, let us know what is going on!


@strangelove can you give us some info?

We just sent an e-mail to those who had the Switch chosen as their platform. We were holding out till the last second hoping to get confirmation that the physical copies were delivered to our shipping company from THQ Nordic on time, and it was confirmed today that they weren’t.

Hearing from them today, the North American physical copies were delayed and won’t reach our shipper (Tiny Fish) until Wednesday, at which point we’re going to immediately turn them around rushed shipping to our backers. The European units were shipped last Thursday though, and should be getting to people soon.

It goes without saying that we’re not happy with this result. We’re sorry and will get them to you as soon as we physically can.

Thank you for letting us know. I’m disappointed it won’t be coming as quickly as I hoped but I’m very happy and very excited to hear it will be at my doorstep soon.

P.S. I did stop worrying and learned to love the bomb.

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Well, that’s a minor relief for me, I was afraid the game would be heading to the wrong address. Wonder if it’ll still arrive in time before head back out on Monday ( truck driver).

I got my email with this info, also there was talk of a delay with switch keys for the digital version of the game.
Any news on who actually will be getting a key (all switch physical backers I hope) and when they will be available to get our hands on the key?
I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played so far via my steam copy, but really looking forward to the portability the switch will give me to really get my teeth into your masterpiece!
PS. Thanks for all the hard work as always!

Would you be able to confirm if I was on the mailing list as I should be and haven’t received an email confirmation or the product yet - I’m in the UK.