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New Patch (PC/Mac - Steam) Oct 23, 2017 v.23172

The latest patch for PC is now live! PS4 and XboxOne versions are currently in QA and we hope to push them live once approved (The xboxone version will have all patches since launch in its next update). We don’t have it in this current version, but keybindings will be coming to PC in the next update!

Patch 23172 Notes (PC/Mac)


  • The elusive Belevros has made more of a permanent home in Deadwatch, and should now always be much easier to find when sought.
  • The Endless Arena should now work as expected, with climbing enemy difficulty, boss waves and climbing multipliers!
  • Less excitingly, Battle-length buffs do not last indefinitely in Endless Mode anymore - every Phase counts as a battle for Buff purposes.
  • Liches now tire of spawning skeleton minions a little more realistically.
  • The Unstable Bomber will no longer traps players on the Victory Screen, thus allowing it to keep its place as the most rewarding screen in the game and not the most frustrating.
  • Garrison’s upgraded Warblade now only consumes up to 60 Overcharge.
  • Legendary dungeons are now available in your first playthrough of a Dungeon (though we ask to verify you’re REALLY SURE you want to do that to yourself)


  • Various bugs fixed in Localization, including persistent HTML issues in the French language.


  • While ending the game after the Credits seemed ironically appropriate, additional care was put into place to prevent crashing there.
  • Our Video Player has been updated on PC and Mac in the hopes this resolves issues for many players unable to play the game due to video issues.
  • Polished switching out characters after Party Select in order to prevent crashes related to memory.
  • Added potential fix for a hang in Path of Fangs when returning to the Lycelot Traitor.


  • There wasn’t enough detail about what you were crafting in the Crafting section of the Compendium because there was a part of the view missing! More stat detail can now be toggled to see how crafted equipment might affect heroes!
  • Font sizes in the combat screen have been increased so that you may recline luxuriously at a greater distance from your screen.
  • Some people were fruitlessly clicking on the Toggle Skin button in Party Select to turn on their new skins. We have provided fruits for their efforts! This button should now work as expected.
  • Last line of the Combat Abilities view should no longer be cut off.


  • Backup saves on PC and Mac are automatically seamlessly loaded in place of broken/corrupted save files. Additionally, if an issue occurs with saving your progress, the game will let you know to restart the game so you do not keep playing and lose progress.
  • The game now runs properly on environments in the Turkish language.
  • We fixed an issue where you could get stuck on the main story quitting while/after fighting the Bandit Messenger.

Thanks everyone!

Has this bug been captured to be addressed in a future update?

If so, I’ll stop posting about it after every update. It hasn’t been fixed in v.23172. :slight_smile:

curse you sony and microsoft! always having us wait haha.

im excited to test out the new patch. From the looks of it Airship Syndicate wants to get this balanced and bug free in the end and that’s awesome.

I’m on PS4 but once that patch drops I’ll test things out and give you my feedback. I didn’t do so earlier because I didn’t figure out how to join the forum earlier(thought was a backer invite only thing, bit hard to notice the sign up button at first) Plan is to give first playthrough and NG+ feedback.

Sony and MS’s QA last about 3 or 4 days right?

Hey! Thanks so much for your tireless hard work in patching the game. I’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment out of it and it keeps bringing me back in - beautifully crafted. :slight_smile:

I just want to report that the increased font size makes the Overcharge text look stretched and awkward on my PC and when a character is knocked out the “KNOCKED OUT” text misses the last T from OUT.

Very minor thing, purely aesthetic, but is there any chance the font could be made toggle-able? I much preferred the smaller size on the PC, myself.

Thanks again for your efforts in building this awesome game!

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@Ziracius: Unfortunately, there is not an easy way to do this :frowning: We’re sorry if this font size is less preferable for you!
But we are working on our next patch, and we’re making sure to fix any fitting issues that have cropped up. Thank you very much for the feedback!

I’ve lost important items in my inventory since this new patch (Twin Power Core for the ultimate Calibretto’s weapon for example) Any solution? :frowning:

Hi @LordFran! can you PM me your save file and we can take a look at it