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New Party Members Default Level and Perk Point Books Suggestion

Hey guys, Recently I just got Knolan but he was level 9 while the rest of my party of 3 was lvl 12… Since he was so underleveled I decided not to try him out yet and wait until I get more new characters to maybe level him and those others together. My suggestion is that when you get a new character they should default to the same level as the highest level character in your party so there isn’t such a huge level gap between the group. Since leveling in the game is not that fast it’s a bit of an undertaking to have to take this kind of setback when trying to progress through the game. As interesting as Knolan looks as a character I’ve invested too much in the original group of Gully, Calibretto, and Garrison to try to make an underleveled character work that doesn’t even have his 2nd Dungeon or Burst skills yet…

On another note I’ve noticed that the books that give 1 Perk point to all characters only give them to the 3 characters in your party, which is a bit unfair considering how difficult/expensive these books are to get and any character that isn’t in your party get’s screwed out of a valuable new Perk point…

did you run dungeons multiple times? I was level 9-10 when I found him?

Yeah I did side quests and multiple dungeon runs…Now all my members including Red Monika are lvl 13… while Knolan sits at 9…

just play with him in the group, the experience system is made so the lower lvl characters gain more xp, do like 2 dungeons and he should catch up

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Ok good to know, didn’t know the exp system increased exp for lower level chars. Thanks @c-trep!

If you have 2 characters maxed level (Lvl15), then all the experience from the fight will go to the one that’s not currently max. Do arena to quickly level up the other characters

@Omni_Games The further behind a character is, the more exp they gain from a fight as a catch up mechanic. Also note for the perk books is that there are actually 3 types. One gives a point to the hero you select, one gives it to your current party (3 points total) and one gives it to all characters (6 points total). They are all worth different amounts. Buying the ALL HEROES books are most efficient but if you want to really build up one character you can spend the shadow coins on the single or party books. Hope that helps!

Thanks so much for clarifying @Airship-Steve!

I’m glad I came upon this thread. I was playing last night and there were a few times when my Gully and Cal were getting ZERO XP, although they aren’t maxed out yet - the only one maxed on my game is Red. Is that how it is supposed to work: higher level heroes will sometimes get NO XP, depending on how much XP is given after a battle?

Gul - 14
Cal - 14
Red - 15
Gar - 10
Knol - 11

I thought it was a glitch when only Knolan was getting XP, so I saved and restarted, and Gul and Cal started earning again. It started happening again later when I had Cal, Gar, and Knol: Cal was getting no XP. I saved and restarted, and Cal was still not earning XP.

Glitch or normal?

It depends on what mobs you’re battling.

If you are too high a level over a creature, they will give you less or no xp for killing them