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New digital backer rewards are live!

Hey guys, you can now download the soundtrack, digital art book and HD world map through your backer portal on (if your tier included them!).

In addition, forum badges should start rolling out. It’s our understanding that it might take time for them to show up, or require a log in/out. So keep an eye on your account badges over the next day!

Go check them out!



Thanks but please could we get a lossless version of the soundtrack like the DLC on Steam ? (WAV or FLAC)


I agree with kervala


I just finished downloading the game and have the earlybird complete Nitewar digital edition. I am not seeing an option to get the code or download the HD Map. Everything else seems to be available. Am doing something wrong?

@Strangelove Is this a rollout for the ones that got them for add ons as well? or just the ones where they were included at their pledge tiers? I ask because I opted for the soundtrack as an add-on and it hasn’t shown up in my portal on Thanks for any insight, Ryan.

I’ve logged in and out with no badge yet. Not in a panic just wanting to keep track of when everyone should have received theirs. I’ve seen a wave of people got them 24hrs or more and want to make sure I’m doing everything correctly to get mine.

Thanks for the updates as they come :slight_smile:

Is it possible to create a thumbnail badge next to the names of those who received one instead or in addition to the title? I’m a very visual person and I think many comic fans are as well.

Please don’t take the request as being ungrateful for the titles, I was just wondering if this would be possible.