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New batch of bugs and typos

Just wanted to mention a few weird things I ran into today.

#1 While playing through Deadwatch I came across Kabes family tomb for the first time. Deciding to go for the bigger reward, I picked his side and defaced his sisters tomb, after which he promptly cheated me (asshole! XD). But in his parting speech “something” is misspelled as “somethign”.

#2 During a fight in the Strongmont, one of the Nightblade skeletons was said to have a fire buff called “skel_bowman_ignite_buff”. This sounds more like a placeholder-name than a real one.

#3 Again in the Strongmont, While reading the Part #2 piece of the Lore “Choices of Men”, I saw that “ferocity” is misspelled as “furocity”. If Bhargus had been some kind of werewolf monstrocity, I’d have overlooked it as being cheeky, but not when he’s a giant skeletal head. XD

#4 After finishing the Strongmont dungeon I was promptly ambushed by an airship. Being at full Health and still under a buff, I Went for it… and got ground into the dust. That’s upsetting, but not what constituted a bug. One of the enemies was a Motivator, and the “humming hover” sound that they are known for kept playing over the background Music even after I woke up at Harms Way. Had to restart the game to get rid of it.
The enemies were a Wildcaller, a (???) Motivator and a Sky Pirate Lieutenant Shaman, all at lvl 23

And in you first picture:
Shoulda shook my and on it

should be:
Shoulda shook my "h"and on it

Found another one in Strongmont. Ran into a Blade elemental half sunk into the ground. ???

i had that happening in the mana rifts, but this is with the current ps4 patch. still waiting on the next one. sony QA is taking too long