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Need to earn faster money

There has to be a way to earn money in the game a faster way, the ammount that drops, is incredcribly low

I was thinking of trying out the rings/necklaces that give more gold from fights for this reason.
I honestly hate it when games throw so much gold at you it becomes irrelevant, but in this case, with the wealth of good items to buy (finally an RPG where vendors aren’t just for selling crap to), and the upgrades, it might be nice to have more, but I’m waiting to play a bit more before really deciding one way or another.

I agree with this, but perhaps a simpler way would be to half the costs of the vendor upgrades. By the time I get the blacksmith upgraded, I no longer need what he has.

The sell values of gear are pretty low. That might be a place to buff gold a bit. It feels a little tight to me as well, but I think upgrading vendors is actually a little beyond the scope of the beta.

I did notice some money issues in the beginning. (but i prefer a game that keeps the party/player more poor than rich. )

But after running the low level dungeons on legendary (and using monica, and gold items), i found my cash flow rose substantially.

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I think just a legendary Dig run with no gold items net me around 3k gold.

A random money maker: go to fishing pools, if you see an eel-looking fish, it might be a mechanical eel that sells for 350ish gold.

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Pretty much this. Whilst I feel the gold at the beginning was little small, by the time I’ve run the dungeons again on legendary and sold all the loot I didn’t need, then money starts becoming less of an issue.

Depending on level, complete the relevant dungeon on Legendary and you won’t have money troubles.

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