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Need help on final boss


i need a little help on the final boss.

My Team: Bretto as healer, Monika and Garrison spect on dmg.
(Yes i know, tank missing and i am prevailing on phys dmg)

All team members are at level 30 with approx 116 perk points.
Wen`t through the game quite smooth wih this team.

But at the final boss, i am close to despair.
He is at 37k hp, ok so far.

But his attacks are crazy.
Single attack is going up to 8k dmg, what is close to a “one shot”.
Team hp members are at 5k to 8k hp.
Last game i recieved a 64k crit dmg.

His tail attack does about 2k dmg and also a dot with 1-2k dmg bleeding dot.
Tried a a def way with debuffing, tried a agressiv way…but i am failing all the time…
I know he is changing between phys and magic stances but i am not able to keep my team alive

Watched some utube vids on the boss, and i really dont get the point.

Is my team setup really so bad…or i am missing something?

of course can’t make too many assumptions but you do have pretty low health amount especially when you don’t have anyone who can throw shields to compensate for low health. By the end my teams lowest health was 7k and highest 15k. So maybe you have to switch* around some equipment and put more priority to health/defense

I 1 shotted her,

then I posted a thread about the last boss being underwhelming then they buffed her to the current iteration, which better but not quite there yet.

Manage your equipments and perks and you’ll be just fine, you’ll be toying with her in no time.

Just use Garrison’s 2nd burst then Berserk then Monica’s execute then Brettos wild fire.

She’s the Final Boss, she better be worth defeating.

My final party was Garrison, Red Monika, and Alumon. Each had around 136 perk points.
I maxed out Alumon’s Heal and Haste perks, Red Monika’s Crit (chance and dmg) perks, and Garrison’s Bleed perks. Also maxed out each of their AP perks. Everyone’s HP ranged from 11k to 13k so I did not have a specific tank, just like you. If it helps, you could definitely increase their HP by crafting their best armors with additional materials to get the 300% chance of success = additional DMG and Stamina.

The final boss, though buffed up a bit since the update, is still a cakewalk and they could definitely continue to increase the difficulty. I repeatedly used the sting + warblade combo from Garrison, and Execute from Monika (the crit is insane). The boss started off casting Doom on Garrison, so I used Alumon’s Dark Mending to add a damage shield and absorb the doom damage. She ended up only getting 2 moves off in total before dying (both of them being Bursts)

I think it’s just a matter of fixing your perks in a way that best suits your strategy. Make sure that if you are using Calibretto as a healer, you’ve activated the perks that will maximize his use. A lot of people in the forums have been saying that Monika’s evade perks should be avoided, and focused on her crit and damage, which I definitely agree with. Garrison’s bleeds, when they do 40% dmg and critical hits, are great for any boss (though both these perks require 20 pts each), so it’s also a matter of investing and grinding out to get those perk points! Good luck!


thx for ure replies.

Looks the major problem is bad gear of my team.
My team is not getting close to half of the hp u guys have.

Seems like a i have to do some grinding :wink:
My team is fully equipped with purple stuff, but lvl gear is around lvl 20.
Got a little bit bad luck with drops,rewards and loot. Most of the stuff i got was related to team mebers
who are low lvl and not in my recent party.
I took out every hunt boss, finished arena and bought all the crafting drafts(maxed all the workstations) but i see no improvment in stuff here.

So i will try some more dungeons runs on high difficulty and get better equip.

But concerning gameplay design ( hi devs :wink: )
I shouldnt have to do this. I mean: I am at level cap, finished last two bosses at first or second tries. This is really a break in game flow...little bit confusing when u went so far quite easily and now have to spend more time just to finish the final boss. He should be tough,thats ok. But not this way.
Maybe it is my mistake. Bad perk design or something.

Whatever, i will carry on. It is a great game and im looking forward to ng+ :slight_smile: