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Name not in credits and extra codes not working (help)

So I opted to have my name in the credits and did so the day the option was available yet my name is not there. Also the codes for the chaoseater and exclusive portraits aren’t working. Can someone please help in both these problems. Can the devs please look and see that I opted for my name to be put in a long time back as well.

One way to get the extra confirm windows to work is to open the game and press the ps button and close the game, restart and go to Extras. Now you will get the confirm window. BUT here is where I have the issue, the codes are accepted but not working. You might have better luck.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll try that tomorrow. Is there any way I can get a hold of the devs btw? Because I would really like my name in the credits given I opted for it and also to get this to work, if I run into the same problem you did.

Hi DeathProphet! Can you send an email to and we will get it sorted out. Sorry about that!

Hey Steve, thanks for getting back. I went ahead and sent the email to the address you gave me. Thanks again and I hope to get this resolved. Have a great day.