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NA code switched to EU code upon redeeming

Just redeemed My ps4 NA code, and it switched to an EU code… Im not gonna redeem it, dont wanna mess anything up.

but now what?

My transaction history still says PS4 NA, but the actual code says EU… Im freaking out!

i have the same problem man freaking out too

Same here. PSN won’t let you redeem it anyways, says that the pre-paid card code is not valid in the US.

Oh good… Then they should be able to just revoke the code and get the right ones in… Hopefully

Same here. It went like this:
What code do you want? EU or NA?
North America
Are you sure?
Are you absolutely sure?
Click here if you want the NA code
*clicks there *
Warning you are getting the NA code
Last chance: you choose NA code. Ok?
Last last chance. NA code?
You absolutely positively 100000000% sure you want the NA code?

Ok here is your EU code!

Also no preorder theme…because I guess I never preordered! Thanks a lot!

Devs are on it lol, they posted over on melks thread

Also, i wouldnt worry about that theme juuuust yet, these guys have been great so far…

Yeah, we’re working on it, guys. Sorry about that, we’ll get it fixed up soon. Something was switched behind the scenes (as you noticed).