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Mysterious Cube issue

Currently in deadwatch, I found the mysterious Cube and placed a very good shield for alumon inside, I’ve since finished the dungeon and back tracked through every inch of it and cannot for the life of me find the mysterious Cube. I’m starting to think it maybe didn’t spawn elsewhere? Is this a possible glitch? Please help :frowning:

I have found on occasion it appears in the same room the cube starts in. Don’t know if you tried that.

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Hey @Fiddlesticks, like ducksnake recommended, you may want to try revisiting the room you found it in originally as it is possible it spawned somewhere else in there. I don’t believe we’ve had reports of the cube not spawning elsewhere yet. Let us know if you are able to locate it!

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So, the cube spawned all the way back at the start of the dungeon. I had just never seen a cube go back to a previous room. My bad! Sorry to waste your time ^_^"

No worries, glad you found it! :smiley: