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My Xbox One code hasn't arrived, filled my survey correctly

Supported the game and have been patient but I got zero contacts regarding my code for Xbox One after release, please help… dont’want to believe my luck is going the way of Mighty No. 9 with this game too.

Hey, @Enter4none,

We apologize for the frustration: a user wrote up a thorough guide on how to claim your code here:

Let us know if this helps!

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Thanks but isn’t this for the steam codes? the code I requested on the survey was for XBOX ONE.

Was this a bot reply? :anguished:

No, on the first link, in the account settings, you should be able to select your platform.

If this does not work, please email and they should respond to help. Please also check your spam filter/folders to make sure a reply hasn’t been filtered out.

Thank you for your help and patience, got my code just now.

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