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My Whishlist to kill Mr V

I’m more than 60+ h in now (still need 2-3 things before ng+)
Really like the game but there things i would like to change in the next game (i want it) :

  • Borderless window mode on pc
  • Since in the story the team seems to travel together make it so we can swap them from menu (and only lock it in dungeon in more difficults modes) . At least, let us break the walls even if Gully is not in the team !
  • Rework nrg with cummulative higher chance to choose events you have never seen (or in a long time) in a way you can see them all and can get everythin you need after 4-5 times visiting them (and not 10+ like caldeus skull for me) or sky pirate never showing (need a lot more of them in end game). Doing over and over a low level dungeon is not that fun.(my last point can help that too)
  • Speed up moving in adventure mode (add slowing surfaces like mud,snow, mana vapors or else) if it is needed for some traps.
  • Add a new difficulty level with foe at you level in all dungeons (with loot at your level to diversify leveling/farming and not chaining the same dungeon) (and if possible make loot of those dungeons scale too, if not give loot of this level)

Hope not everything is dumb and will be ignored.
I’m waiting for the next adventure either way !

Hey, @rodgr; we can’t do Borderless window mode from in game menus due to Unity limitations, but there is a way to get borderless window mode!

Ho nice tips but don’t solve the issue i have. I can now go outside the game window (without swaping) but the window disapear if i do something outside of it.

Make sure you also turn off Full Screen in the Video Options!