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My Twitch Stream & Youtube Channel Info

Hi guys, Omni here I’ve been streaming since Day 1 of Beta and plan to continue helping the community for the game grow through Twitch. You can find me at my Twitch Channel and I also have a Youtube Channel where I plan to make content for the game when I learn more about it. See you guys there!

P.S. I may not be streaming these next few days(or weeks) since I’m in FL and we’re getting hit by Hurricane Irma this weekend, so once my family and I are safe I’ll get back to it.


-------Stay Safe-------

Thanks @Kanis :grin:

Stay safe @Omni_Games! Will try to catch your stream next time it’s up!

Wishing you a safe weekend, Omni! Hope to hear back that you’re safe soon :frowning:

Thanks @AirshipAndy and @ortizgames I’ll see you guys soon!

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