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My phyiscal copy was damaged

I received my physical copy of the game on Monday October 16 with the bottom portion of the case damaged and broken. Not the way you want to receive your Kickstarter reward. I sent an email to Airship Via Kickstarter and They refuse to respond. What do I do at this point? I wish I never backed the project. Extremely frustrated


Damn. Sorry GUTS, we’ll try to take care of this. Send a message directly to and we’ll get it fixed.

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Thanks Strangelove. I sent them an email.

Yeah man that sucks, usps is pure crap here, theyve shoved comic books in my 3"x5" apartment mailbox multiple times. Sucks this happened.

But Airship has been so so amazing through this whole launch, theyve been super busy with post launch patching so an email delay was probably expected. But there was no doubt theyd take care of you dude.