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Mouse-over Tooltips

I saw mouse-over tooltips mentioned briefly in this thread, but, as far as quality of life features are concerned, their omission was the first thing that struck me. Is there a reason the game doesn’t make use of them? It’s annoying having to navigate to the skill/item/etc. whose tooltip you want to view every time, especially Actions and Abilities during combat. Sure, one eventually memorizes what each Action and Ability does, but the numerical values within those toolltips are always changing.

Do the devs plan on adding mouse-over tooltips, at least for Actions and Abilities during combat?


We actually did try mouse over in combat with abilities! Unfortunately, as the abilities description was tied to which ability is “selected” in code, we were suddenly accidentally selecting other abilities when moving the mouse across the screen to select an enemy, every time the mouse hovered over a different ability.

This seemed like a pretty bad user experience, and we didn’t have the time to test a more careful UI fix with a better mouse experience, so we decided to leave things as they were and focus on more pressing issues.

It was a good suggestion, we just ran out of time!

Thanks for the input, @Mysterio.

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