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More XP is required i think

If your wanting us in the higher quest areas, You need to increase the XP rate to help gain it there.

its kinda redic to have eniemes 1 shotting you almost.

My most problem area is that damn mine

The Dig is (on legendary) around 13-15 and the beta level cap is 15. I think everything is working as intended.
Even the Slime King is doable even though I had trouble battling the Firelord and the “Pile of Shit” in the sewers when I was on their respective levels (10/12/15).

Only times I was ever 1 shotted was from the 3 optional bosses the first time I went to see them, but I got my vengeance with a very powerful Garrison berserk build, other than that I found the game very easy so far and I never entered a dungeon on the easiest difficulty.