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Mobs Hitting Like A Truck

Is it me or do some of the mobs you encounter in dungeons hit like a truck. I had Gully go from about 900 health to dead. All three mobs hit her like a truck. And honestly Calibretto’s heals are so small that I wouldn’t of kept her alive anyways. They ate up her shield so fast and I am also 1 level above the mobs level. Seems a little overtuned if you ask me. Thoughts my friends?

there are a few enemies that will whoop you hard the first couple of times even if you’re a level above them (Gun Hulk and Lycelot Tracker Alpha comes to mind). Best advice I can give is to try and isolate them from the rest in the room and fight them by themselves.

In my modest opinion, that’s always the case with JRPGs, there’s no average difficulty curve. Fight’s will be longer if you clump them together, but you can win if you isolate them as guitarguy said, if that’s even the option, if not just go back when you are better geared.

A way to help overcome things like this is to make very good use of your dungeon skills. Assuming you’re early in the game (not sure where you are) you can get a lot of value out of stunning the mobs with Gully’s dungeon ability and then diving into them with Garrison’s to give yourself a decent advantage going in.

Another thing to note is that Gully’s probably the hardiest character you get, and both of the early healers (Knolan and Calibretto) take a while to get really powerful, but I think because of the low base heal of his Nature’s Boon and that he doesn’t get a party-wide heal for a while, he’s a bit less potent. Things get a lot more manageable once you have his Healing Touch and Gully’s Taunt - you can Taunt + Touch first round, then have Gully Defend for three turns and Healing Touch will keep her up at the beginning of every round - also you can stack it, so it should keep her alive handily.

The early parts can be rough though - some of the mobs are just very powerful or have huge base damage, like the Tracker Alphas, the Berserkers, and a few other mobs with low haste.

Maybe you didn’t build them very well (perks and items) and are lacking Attack Power (Heals and shields scale with AP).
And if you’re having a hard time getting through it you might just backtrack and do another dungeon for some leveling.

I finally got the 6th character Alumon and I’m finding it way better. I’m about level 17 on most of my characters. His damage and healing abilities really help. I should of levelled gully a little bit more. I’m just grinding out a bunch of levels at this point and hopefully that helps. My tank was underdeveloped in my opinion and I need to start making some loot too. Thanks for the info friends.