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Missing Cinematic for the first boss (PS4)

Hi there… This happened to me when i reached the firs boss (in the iron post) {PS4}
it only showed a pink screen with the audio of the cinematic…

Hey @eddfruits we are working on a fix for this as we speak. Really sorry about that. If you see that again, please save and exit, before firing up the game again, because its a precursor to a nasty crash. I know it stinks but we dont want you to risk losing a save while we get the fix out there. There is a section later in the game where you’ll be able to rewatch cutscenes that youve unlocked so youll atleast be able to see it there also. Again, many appologies!

Thanks !! don’t worry… I post it for you to know about the bug, not as a complain… (the nasty crash indeed happened)

I’m enjoying a lot this game, and of course the Joe’s Art… congratulations!

best regards.

Edd Frutos

i have gotten to the cutscene area, and that also goes pink as well, also the intro video