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Missing 3 Bestiary entries Any clue on where to find them?

Hello All. I nearly have all the bestiary entries but I have no idea where to find those 3 missing one. Did someone else find them? I suppose they are event mini boss in some dungeons. Any help would be appreciated.

Those are the Sky Pirate Captain Flintlocke and Sky Pirate Captain Shanker, and then the Sky PIrate Captain himself (killing him is the final hidden achievement).

You have to just fight the Sky Pirate blimps that respawn. Flintlocke and Shanker have a special blimp with a red symbol on them, I think (I’ve only managed to encounter Flintlocke).

Also I gotta say that I’m not enjoying the endgame very much, the encounter rate for both Belveros, Flintlocke, and Shanker is very low and it’s a huge grind.

Thanks a lot for the answer.
Yeah Belveros was kinda annoying. Took me about a good 10 tryes to get him.haha
Will hunt them down.^^

I know what the three on the right side are (just need to redo Mana Rifts with the other characters), but I’m surprised I missed the one on the left. Can someone clarify what it is? Thanks.

Edit: The silhouette looks like the ghoul enemies. Must be a mana infused version of that. I’ve completed that dungeon twice now and never seen one though.

That’s a vampire type enemy called a Mana Devourer. Found in the Mana Rifts. Took me doing 3 runs to finally find one

Finally found it as well, but thanks for the response.

There is one room in that dungeon that spawns either the vampire, a gargoyle, or a beholder. One one possible on each run.

In case you weren’t aware of how the ship spawning actually works, I believe I’ve figured some of that out. Once you complete a dungeon (I’m assuming on Legendary, but I have no idea since I don’t really do them on any other setting anymore), it seems that 2 (maybe 3) ships spawn. I almost always find one by the Cantina and by Iron Outpost (coming in from the left). I have VERY RARELY found one spinning its wheels by the Cathedral, but I believe that’s just the end of the path for one of the spawns, so maybe I just missed it. My Flintlocke spawned by Iron Outpost IMMEDIATELY after downing the one there, so perhaps it’s possible that killing a standard blimp has a chance of spawning a rare one. My Behemoth was a random one as well, so I’m of the opinion that it all really is just RNG.

There are 4 airships spawn(that I am aware of) after you finish a dungeon(probably on legendary).

  1. Near the Iron Outpost(begins from the sea on the left of it).
  2. The Moors near the tomb of Claudius.
  3. Near Junk Town.
  4. North on the right side after you pass the reflection gate to the snowy side.

Been killing them all every time but I am still missing 2 captains…

They can spawn after beating the dungeon on any difficulty.

I have found them in all the spots listed above, as well as directly south of Mana Rifts (which is where I finally found the Pirate Captain - his airship is twice as big as the others).

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I’ve seen 2 show up in the same spot near Junktown and one near the Fishmonger at the same time. There’s a spawn next to Night’s Keep that will bring up all types of pirates. Seen one next to the Moors teleporter.

At this point I’m wondering how much of this is fixed and how much is purely random since the ships do move around a bit.

Yeah, I think it’s RNG as well, but after defeating 50 sky pirate ships and still not seeing Shanker, it’s just annoying, haha. It feels like the grind isn’t worth it. I’ve only been fighting the ships near the Iron Outpost/Junktown, though, so maybe I should be hitting up some other places.

You should be checking other spots. One of the devs said in another thread that the achievement pirate spawns at Night’s Keep so Shanker might have a few fixed spots