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Mimic spawn rate

I have played the game over 50 hours now and only encountered 6 mimics. I think the last mimic I found was in the third dungeon. (have replayed dungeons again but to no avail) Maybe change the spawn rate of mimics. I have opened all the chests in every dungeon. I want to max the beast skill but with that poor mimic spawn rate it is just not doable
Or I’m just that unlucky with the rng

Anyone else with the same problem?

My recommendation is to run the Iron Outpost on the lowest difficulty and try to find the room with the 3 chest/treasure elemental puzzle. It’s not the best solution, nor was it intended to be difficult to find that many treasure elementals, but off the top of my head that is the most likely regular source of them (along with that dungeon also having a chance to spawn treasure elementals the usual way).

Yeah I did that already and completed the beastperk for it. I only found them in that puzzle and not as a random one. Thanks for your reply

it’d be great if they were more regular. the enemy is fun to fight.