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Max sewer quest bug?

After I helped Max in the sewers (when they are infested with slime) and finished the quest on the alchemy table, I couldn’t access the inventory or the game menu using the controller or keyboard. The issue continued through the boss fight and I couldn’t pause the game. After I died in the boss encounter, everything was back to normal. Also a black line appeared for a second once entering combat, but this to stopped happening after i died.

This is the only “major” bug I’ve encountered during some 10 hours of game play.

Thanks for the report! We’re having a look at that bug! :slight_smile:

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@ortizgames, I have the same problem as @succus, except mine happened before I even talked to Max the mouse. Keyboard and mouse was unresponsive to any inventory keys, not the quick menu, paused menu or inventory or map. I also had final fantasy random encounters (no sprite to start the fight). The problem was fixed when I exited the dungeon.

I hope this extra information helps.

@ortizgames Same for me, but it happened when I level up to level 11. When I died, thanks to the slime boss, everything was ok.
My version is V.22753

Thanks for the info, guys! We now have a fix, and it will be in our next patch.

I hate to ask but when might that patch be? Are you guys trying to do a weekly patch fix till release or is that too bold to ask?

We can’t really say how many more patches we’ll be able to get in before release - we still have a lot of work to handle a worldwide multi-platform release - but there is a large patch that addresses a lot of issues coming, and it’s coming very soon!

awesome. thanks again. yeah i totally understand that you aren’t sure what bugs will pop up and also don’t want to go down the path of committing to a reoccurring patch release date.