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Master List of Battle Chasers Nightwar

I’ll be compiling this thread to help users correlate various troubleshooting tips to assist them in getting the game running

Platform Error - Game Requires 64-bit OS

If you receive a Platform Error it means your OS is not 64-bit. As the game requires a 64-bit OS you cannot run the game. You would need to reinstall your OS to the 64-bit versioin

Reinstall VCRedist

Go to your steam library and run

\steamapps\common\Battle Chasers Nightwar_CommonRedist\vcredist\2010\

And run



As per the system requirements, the game requires DX11 to run. Your video card must be an

AMD HD5000
Nvidia GTX400

or higher to be DX11 compliant. If you do not have a DX11 compliant card the game will not run

Wait DXDiag Says I Have DX11/DX12!!

Many people don’t seem to know if their video card supports DX11. In order to check this do the following

  • Click Start->Run
  • Type in “Dxdiag”
  • Press Enter

See the DirectX version here?


This only shows what the OPERATING SYSTEM supports. Not what your VIDEO CARD supports.

To check what your video card supports

  • Click the Display tab
  • Look in the upper right
  • For Windows 7 look for “DDI Version”
  • For Windows 8/10 look for “Feature Levels”

If you DO NOT see “11” in the "DDI Version or “Feature Levels” line, your video card DOES NOT support DX11

This CANNOT be solved by installing DirectX.

It is a HARDWARE problem with your video card.

Update Your Video Card Drivers

It is also important that you update your drivers through software provided by your video card manufacturer or directly from their site. Using Windows or updating software provided by your laptop manufacturer to find more recently drivers is less reliable, as they will likely only have drivers that initially shipped with the product, or will be out of date with the actual video card manufacturer.

For AMD cards, download the AMD Catalyst Control Center, which you can find here:

For NVidia cards, go to this page and download the appropriate drivers for your card by providing the correct information:

If you have an NVidia GeForce card, you can also download and install the GeForce Experience to update your cards through that:

Always make sure you reboot your machine after installing the drivers, just to be safe. Then try relaunching the game.

Laptop users should force their Nvidia/AMD cards

Use the Nvidia Control Panel or AMD CCC to force the game to use your built in GPU instead of the Intel one

This guide should help you depending on your video card:

Verify Game Files

Sometimes files can be corrupted and may require to be reinstalled

  • Right click on game in steam library
  • Click “Properties”
  • Click “Local Files” tab
  • Click “Verify Integrity of Game files…”

Delete Intro Movies

If your game crashes after or during the THQ logo go to the directory

\steamapps\common\Battle Chasers Nightwar\BC_Data\StreamingAssets\Video

And delete all mp4 files

Once you do the game will be ‘stuck’ playing a blank screen but you can press the space bar to bypass the ‘blank movie’


Grats on the first pinned topic :wink:

No problem

Hopefully not too many issues crop up but you know how it is with PC support :wink:

Amazing work you already put it to help people out! I know it will make a huge difference to a few people!

This is awesome, Satoru; thank you so much for compiling this for everyone!

One more to add to your list:

If your getting a crash after the splash screens, it may be an issue with the video library. Temporary workaround that was suggested:

Go to D:\Program Files (x86)\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Battle Chasers Nightwar\BC_Data\StreamingAssets\Video
-Make a directory called TRASH, and drag all the mp4 files into it
-Launch the game
-When you get stuck at a black screen, hold down space to skip the now-missing video

There will likely be a proper fix coming, but this will get users over an early hiccup.

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Could you answer a few questions for me

  1. Do you have Windows N?

  2. Do you have any 3rd party codecs like K-lite codec or other 3rd party media players?

Don’t believe I have Windows N - I’m on Win7 and I’m not familiar with N or KN, so I assume that’s a Win10 thing.

As for Codecs, here’s everything that I seem to have installed:
CM Microsoft RLE
ICM Microsoft Video 1
ICM Microsoft YUV
ICM Intel IYUV codec
ICM Logitech Video (I420)
ICM Toshiba YUV Codec
ICM Cinepak Codec by Radius
ICM RivaTuner Video Codec
DMO Mpeg4s Decoder DMO
DMO WMV Screen decoder DMO
DMO WMVideo Decoder DMO
DMO Mpeg43 Decoder DMO
DMO Mpeg4 Decoder DMO

Do you have the k-lite codec pack or the CCCP codec pack installed?

Doesn’t look to be on that list. Not sure how to check otherwise.