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Mantle of Aramus bug

I was sure you guys fixed this…
After Gully is revived by the Mantle of Aramus ability then for some reason she gets her turn on the spot but is unable to do nothing at all leaving you with no option but to leave the game…really annoying, please fix this.


I have also had this issue the 2 times Ive had this ability proc.

How are you guys already playing full game?

You don’t have to wait for the full game code on the mail. login to your account on the site and redeem it now.

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Here’s a better look at this. Happened as Gully was killed by a bleed on her own turn.

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The same for me!
Also it was against the same opponent so there may be a relation.
No other choice than to quit the game and try again.

This is a known issue and is near the top of our list! Thanks for the report!

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